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  • RJ International France
  • Anderstorp Hydraulik Sweden
  • Leco Impex SRL Romania
  • Eurofluid Hydraulik SR, s.r.o. Slovakia
  • Egil Eng & Co AS Norway
  • Redwood Power Tools Ltd Ireland
  • Interseal S.A. Spain
  • Tecnomeccanica srl Italy
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About Us

FluidPowerNet (FPN) is a collection of fluid power companies from around the world, a place where you can search for parts listed by these companies, and where you can post requirements for parts you are having trouble locating. With FPN you can instantly communicate with hundreds of distributors, all at once, saving you time and helping you to trade more efficiently.

FPN is completely independent, all sales are done directly through the companies using the site. We are just here to help you find parts you can’t find elsewhere.

FPN is an ideal tool for sourcing emergency replacement, hard to find parts or cutting long lead times so you never have to disappoint your customers. You can also list your surplus stock and sell it to local and international distributors.

Our History

FluidPowerNet (FPN) is a small team of specialised people helping to build an industrial marketplace specifically for businesses that specialise in hydraulics and pneumatics.

FluidPowerNet is part of the BearingNet family. With our extensive knowledge after 21 years in business in the PT industry and working with distributors to help them work more effectively we have decided to create an adapted platform for the fluid power industry.


Emergency replacement? Long lead times? Just can’t find what you are looking for?

Save time by searching for parts in a more efficient way and get it to your customer faster! FPN makes your job much easier:


Send an RFQ for a part to many companies. You also have quick access to manufacturers catalogues to easily access technical data for the part you searching for.


We have 1,204,921 lines of inventory listed from 550 hydraulic & pneumatic distributors. Being a part of FPN means you can access this data. The bigger this network grows the stronger it becomes!


The more items you list the more likely you are to start receiving rfq's. You can list your standard parts, hard to find items with long lead times and the items that have been sat on your shelves for years!

Direct sales

We take no commission on the sales you make, we are entirely independent, all trade is done directly between you and the other company. We are just here to help you find parts you can’t find elsewhere!

Special Offers

If you have lots for sale or surplus items list there here. One notice board visible to all members!


Our Wanted page is a place where you can post requirements for a part you can’t locate, an equivalent or something bespoke you need making

Emergency Replacement Noticeboard

We know you won't always find the part you need in the search database so you can post your requirements on our Wanted page which will be visible to all companies using FPN. We will also send your request via email and on our Linkedin channel.

Can You Supply?

The items posted on the Wanted page are there because of long lead times, hard to find or emergency replacement. Browse this page to see if you can offer any technical support or fulfil their request


If you have lots for sale or surplus items list them here. One notice board visible to all members!

Buy from a large group of distributors, sell your inventory to a much wider market, share industry knowledge and become a part of a growing networking of like-minded businesses.

Stay connected

Instead of spending hours on the phone looking for the part you need, log in to FPN and instantly be connected to hundreds of fluid power distributors all in one place

Company List

A database of all FPN members with full contact details of key sales people in the company

What next?

What is it?

It’s a platform for fluid power distributors, manufacturers and service providers. Fluid power companies can list the inventory they currently have in stock as well as using our search function to find the part they need (this means you can avoid the long lead time you can get with manufacturers), all trade is done directly between the companies, we are just the platform to help facilitate that trade. If users can’t find the part in the search section they can add it directly to the Wanted page, other users will be notified of this and if they can source it they will contact the company directly or via FPN. Plus if you have surplus stock that is just sitting in your warehouse you can list and sell this too on our Offers page! We also have a Marketplace for bespoke parts and are in the process of creating a Services section.

Who is FluidPowerNet?

We have been in the power transmission industry since 1996 doing the same thing but with bearings (so we have a pretty good idea of what we are doing!)
We have been really successful with BearingNet and have 11 million lines of inventory listed on the site from 1860 members worldwide. We have now decided to do the same thing with the fluid power market and have created a similar platform using the same business model. BearingNet receives over 100,000 searches every day and has become a much needed resource for distributors!

  • Peter Annis - Co-Founder, Managing Director
  • Gary Jenkins - Co-Founder, Technical Director
  • Nicola Beer - Co-Founder, Business Development Director
  • Marcin Krzaczkowski - Co-Founder, Business Development Director

Peter and Gary set up BearingNet over 22 years ago together. They have been developing the website ever since and are also the brains behind the FluidPowerNet platform. I (Nicola) am the Commercial Director at BearingNet and have been with BearingNet since 2007. I am in charge of organising the networking events, sales and marketing. Marcin joined BearingNet 4 years ago to help out with Polish translations. Since then Marcin has been involved with all parts of the business and is brilliant at business development.

The 4 of us, along with invaluable help from other team members, decided to have a go at creating an adapted business model for the fluid power industry. Many of our bearing customers branch out into fluid power so it seemed like a logical step for us to take. Also there seemed to be a gap in the market for this, no other company offers this kind of service and we want to transform the fluid power industry just as we have done the bearing industry!

How much is it?

We have different membership Tiers depending on how your company wants to use FluidPowerNet. It starts from 660 Euro a year and goes up to 3540 Euro (also available in GBP and USD). There are different Tiers for buying and selling, how many users you want to have and how much inventory you want to list. We do no charge any commission on the sales you make through the site, we only charge the subscription to use the platform.

IMPORTANT: a free trial does not mean you are obligated to join as a member and we won't send you an invoice automatically! You also don't need to add any credit card information during the free trial - it is just for you to see how your company can benefit from using our service and then you can decide if you would like to become a member.

Who has access to this platform?

We only allow access to distributors, resellers, system integrators and service providers, we never let end users or OEMs use the site. All data on FluidPowerNet (inventory and contact details) is completely confidential - no one within the site can see your entire inventory list, the search works by individual part numbers. And only members can see your contact details. So no need to worry, your data is safe!

I have inventory – can I sell it through the site?

Yes, if you have inventory currently in stock you can list it on FPN! The site is designed to help you both buy and sell. We have been dealing with inventory lists for 22 years. All you need to do is send us your list (in any format) and we will add it to your account.

If a user searches for a part you have they will send you an inquiry and you can reply with price and delivery terms. You will receive the RFQ on FPN and also directly by email (email is the easiest way to reply).

I offer services – how can I advertise this on the site?

This is something we are currently developing on the site...

At the moment we have a services forum where companies can post what services they offer – this will be emailed to all users. However, we want to create a services section on the website where service providers can have their own profile, list what services they can provide and their contact details. Users will be able to search by services and location.

What next?

You can apply for a free trial. You can call us for a chat 0333 016 4400 (we are a friendly bunch!)

Or you can send me an email

But don’t put it off, get in touch and we will show you how this can really benefit your company!

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