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The Fluid Power Distributor Network

The FluidPowerNet idea was to create a website which will enable fluid power distributors to easily buy parts from each other. FPN enables distributors to add their complete inventory into one vast database where lots of other distributors also list inventory. FPN members can then use this vast database to find the parts they need.

FluidPowerNet is particularly useful for:

  • Shortening long manufacturer lead times by sourcing items from distributors instead.
  • Quickly finding emergency supply parts for breakdown situations.
  • For sourcing “emergency, hard to find and obsolete” parts quickly and easily.
  • Selling specialist items.
  • Selling surplus inventory to other distributors.
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New Members
Beckmann-Fleige Hydraulik Gmbh & Co. KG Germany
Added Value Industrial Services BV Belgium
A.T.P. S.R.L. Italy
KTB Import-Export Handelsgesellschaft Mbh & Co. KG Germany
Altech Doo Serbia
Ortner Und Stanger Gesmbh & Co, KG Austria
Hartmut Hesse-Hydraulik Gmbh & Co.KG Germany
Anjou Fournitures Industrielles France
Kailatec Oy Finland
YACO-Tec Gmbh Germany
Bay City Industrial Supply USA
Kanameca Inc. Japan
Custom Fluidpower Australia
Kohler GmbH Germany
T-Matic Grupa Computer Plus Sp Z O. O. Poland
Flodraulic Gmbh Germany
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“Since using FluidPowerNet we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of enquiries coming in from previously untapped markets in Europe, it has allowed us to broaden our horizons and move our business forwards in ways we otherwise wouldn’t have done. I fully endorse FluidPowerNet and would recommend it to any distributers or manufacturers looking to reach a wider customer base.”

Elliott Underwood

FilterFinder, UK

Filter Finder

"Given the amount we spend each year on marketing it was surprising how quickly we’ve started to see results from using the platform. I would recommend FluidPowerNet to any business with stock and who are trying to reach out to a wider audience both nationally and internationally. "

Wayne Griffiths

VHS Hydraulic Components


"We wanted 18 cylinders which we had been quoted £350 each from a local supplier. We looked on FluidPowerNet and found them for £160 which is a massive saving! There are lots of distributors using FluidPowerNet and we have found them very helpful. We can't wait to get our stock listed on the platform. "

Martin Ward

Wardynamic Ltd. UK



You manage your inventory, which is totally secure, no other company can access your complete list they can only search by individual part number.


"We had a customer in Canada that needed an Eaton Vickers Valve. We couldn't find it with our regular suppliers, not even a part alternative. Our customer needed it for a machine breakdown so it was an emergency situation. An Italian company using FluidPowerNet had it in stock, and we received a reply in just 12 minutes!"

Floyd Peterson

Lynch Fluid Controls Inc.



FluidPowerNet is the sister company of BearingNet. BearingNet is fulfilling the same role within the bearing and power transmission industry. Founded in 1996 BearingNet has almost 2,000 bearing distributor customers and has grown to become an essential part of the bearing and power transmission distribution Industry.

Hydraulic, pneumatic & automation parts in our database!
74 distributors 46335 parts
60 distributors 35261 parts
39 distributors 3772 parts
37 distributors 10071 parts
31 distributors 5676 parts
29 distributors 17362 parts
26 distributors 16057 parts
aah-fpi action-hydro aramine-groupe eastern-ia flowfit hps hydro hydropower-hydraulics kaman-it mh-hydraulics momentum motion-i neilson-he nord-f norton-h parmafluid rem-bhydraulics serman-tipsmark eriks lynch fluid Radwell International UK Ltd
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Drop The Pressure Magazine is out!!
Thank you to all the FluidPowerNet members who contributed. It was great to hear your different stories on how you adapted to COVID-19.

You can now read the latest edition now!

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

Best Regards,
FluidPowerNet Team
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GPA2-10-E-30R-GE309 HALDEX
DG4V-3S-2A-M-X1-A4-60 Eaton Vickers
0515400001 Bosch Rexroth
3679712 WV700-6-4/3-H-24-V-C*00 HYDAC
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SIMATIC ET 200SP 6ES7193-6BP20-0DA0 23
SIMATIC ET 200SP 6ES7193-6BP20-0BA0 Siemens
SIMATIC ET 200SP 6ES7193-6AR00-0AA0 Siemens
SIMATIC ET 200SP 6ES7155-6AU01-0CN0 8
SIMATIC ET 200SP 6ES7135-6HD00-0BA1 Siemens
SIMATIC ET 200SP 6ES7134-6GB00-0BA1 Siemens
SIMATIC ET 200SP 6ES7132-6BF01-0BA0 Siemens
SIMATIC DP 6ES7136-6DB00-0CA0 Siemens