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We give you direct access to 200+ fluid power distributors using FluidPowerNet. As a member of our network, you directly access your target audience for advertising, promotion, networking and finding new business partners.


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By using different types of communications, social media, networking, print and online advertising, the Manufacturer’s Advertising Platform will engage your target audience and ensure you receive excellent brand exposure.


Use it?

The distributors using our platform already know who we are so by joining FluidPowerNet you immediately have something in common! Use us to share your content and promote your brand - we have 200+ distributors using the FPN network, and over 20,000 industry connections on Linked In and we also create and distribute our own print magazine.


Online presence — Instant access to our network. Communicate with the distributors through our online forums. See what items distributors require, helping you generate new leads.

Members lists — Contact details of over 200 distributors worldwide. Perfect for your direct marketing activities which we can assist you with.

Promotion and articles in our trade magazine (Drop The Pressure) published annually gives your brand and products exposure to a targeted readership of thousands of industry professionals.

Online Manufacturers Directory - Display your catalogues and brochures to showcase your products to new distributors whilst acting as a quick resource for your existing ones.

You get your very own advert in our industry magazine 'Drop the Pressure'


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